How Much Does It Cost To Mow A Lawn In Texas: Pricing Guide

how much does it cost to mow a lawn in Texas

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If you live in Texas and own a home, keeping your lawn looking great is important. Maintaining a green and healthy lawn can be achieved through proper seeding or overseeding. But, figuring out how much it costs to mow a lawn in Texas can be tricky.

Lawn care companies offer a range of professional services, including mowing, edging, trimming, and leaf removal. This guide will cover the average cost to mow a lawn in Texas. We’ll also look at what affects the price and help you understand what to expect when you look for lawn care services.

Key Takeaways

  • The average cost for professional lawn mowing services in Texas ranges from $33 for small to average-sized lawns up to $80 or more for larger properties.
  • Factors like lawn size, mowing frequency, grass type, and additional services can significantly impact the overall lawn mowing cost.
  • The standard lawn mowing service typically includes mowing, edging, and removing grass clippings.
  • Investing in regular lawn maintenance can help maintain your home’s curb appeal and a healthy, lush lawn.
  • Mowing the lawn regularly is crucial to maintain its appearance, stimulate grass growth, and promote the development of a strong root system.

Factors Affecting Lawn Mowing Prices in Texas

In Texas, several factors affect lawn mowing costs, including the type of lawn services you require. The size of your lawn and how often it needs mowing are key. These factors can change the price you pay. Additionally, keeping your lawn healthy through proper care, such as aeration and weed removal, can also influence the overall cost.

Lawn Size

The size of your lawn is a big factor in pricing. Bigger lawns need more time and work to keep up, which costs more. Small lawns, on the other hand, are more affordable to maintain, with specific pricing often lower compared to larger lawns. So, the bigger your lawn, the higher the price for mowing.

For instance, a one-acre lawn might take a team about two and a half hours to cut. But a half-acre lawn could take only half that time. The type of machinery that’s used to cut the lawn also plays a factor in the amount of time it takes to mow.

Mowing Frequency

How often you need to mow also affects the price. Lawns that grow fast may need more cuts, raising the cost. In Texas, landscapers often charge a flat rate for weekly or bi-weekly mowing.

This rate can change based on your yard’s size and if you need extra services like trimming or leaf blowing.

Other things like your property’s location, grass type, and yard features can also affect the cost. Keep these in mind when planning your lawn care budget to save money.

How much does lawn mowing cost in Texas

If you live in Texas and need to mow your lawn, the cost of lawn service can change a lot. It depends on several important factors. Leaf removal is an additional service that can affect the cost. Knowing these can help you plan your budget and make sure you’re paying a fair price for lawn care.

Lawn Size

The size of your yard is a big factor in how much it costs to mow it in Texas. Bigger yards need more work and time, so they cost more. For small yards (up to 5,000 square feet), you might pay between $25 to $45 per visit.

Medium-sized yards (5,000 to 10,000 square feet) usually cost $35 to $60 per mowing. And for really big yards (over 10,000 square feet), you could pay $50 to $100 or more per visit. A well-maintained sprinkler system can help manage water efficiency and lower expenses, impacting the overall cost of lawn care.

Lawn Maintenance and Complexity

The state of your lawn also affects the price. If your lawn is in bad shape and needs extra work, like trimming or removing debris, you’ll pay more. Lawns with tough spots, like steep slopes or lots of trees, might cost extra too.

Mowing Frequency

How often you need to mow also plays a part. In the busy growing season, you might need to mow every 1-2 weeks. This can get expensive. Cutting back to once every 3-4 weeks in the off-season can save you money.

Location and Lawn Care Companies

Where you live in Texas and who you hire to mow your lawn can also change the price. Services in big cities or fancy areas might cost more than in rural or suburban places. Shopping around and comparing prices can help you find a good deal.

Lawn SizeCost Per Mowing
Small Lawn (up to 5,000 sq ft)$25 – $45
Medium Lawn (5,000 – 10,000 sq ft)$35 – $60
Large Lawn (over 10,000 sq ft)$50 – $100+

Wrapping Things Up

The cost to mow a lawn in Texas changes a lot based on the lawn’s size, how often it’s mowed, and the services needed. Professional lawn mowing companies usually charge by the square foot or acre. They also add extra fees for edging, trimming, and other lawn care tasks.

Knowing what affects lawn mowing prices helps you make a smart choice. You can pick a lawn care plan that matches your budget and lawn needs. Whether you decide to mow it yourself or hire a pro like Thick Green Healthy Lawn & Pest, a well-kept lawn boosts your property’s look and makes your outdoor space healthier and more lively.

Keeping a lush, green lawn in Texas takes dedication and regular upkeep. By being informed and proactive about your lawn mowing, you can keep your outdoor area a place of pride and fun for many years.

What you should do next

If you’re looking to hire a professional in Texas, look no further than Thick Green Healthy. We service lawn care in San Antonio, Converse, Cibolo, Boerne, New Braunfels and surrounding areas in Texas. Offering everything from your standard lawn mowing services to professional lawn care, in order to keep your yard healthy and looking its best. Reach out to us for more information and to find out if we service your specific area.

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