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fire ant mound

Fire Ants

In the 1930s fire ants came from Brazil and ended up in Alabama per cargo ship by accident. With no predators the fire ant is now across the southern states and still marching. The fire ant sting is very painful and some adults, kids, or animals can be allergic to the bite and can result in other serious problems. Our fire ant treatment will protect your family and pets. We’re only one call away from controlling this problem.

PH Balancing

The soil in our area is rock and clay. Most of our lawns are in the high 7s being more alkaline. When the Ph level is more neutral and in the 6s it will release the iron and nutrients the lawn needs to be healthy. Call us to fix this problem!

ph balancing
lawn aeration before, process, after and after progress


With hard soils in our area aeration is very beneficial. An aeration will loosen the compaction of the soil allowing better water penetration,  more oxygen, and nutrients to the roots. This result will lead to a healthy lawn with more roots and grass blades leaving you with a thick, green, and healthy lawn.

Flea & Tick

Most of us have four legged family members. Their number one enemy lives just outside the door. That’s right! Fleas and ticks live in the lawns and look for the opportunity to feed on your animals blood. The discomfort they feel from itching and the problems that can come from fleas and ticks is frightening.
The long list of diseases from these sucking pests can get your animal sick. Let us protect your animals and get rid of those pesky fleas and ticks so they can enjoy the outdoors and live a scratch free life.
tick on grass blades
fleas and ticks
dog biting itself from fleas and ticks
expanded lawn services

Fungus Preventative Blanket

Fungus is a horrible disease the grass can get. The best way to beat fungus is to prevent it from popping up in the first place. The fungus blanket covers all the grass on your lawn and makes you proactive, not reactive. Protect your lawn and call to schedule an appointment!

Grub Preventative Blanket

Probably the number one enemy for Bermuda and St. Augustine lawns. These grub worms turn into june bugs and beetles that cause major damage to grass and shrubs. This preventive application prevents problems before they happen. The grub blanket is broadcasted on the entire lawn protecting you from future problems. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

turf damaging insect on top of soil

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