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Mosquito season starts in March and ends around late October. The best Mosquito Defense is too start taking preventative measure before they arrive!

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Mosquito Disease

There is nothing worse than mosquitos ruining your outdoor fun.. Bite after bite you’re getting eaten alive. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases and viruses like Zika, West Nile and even transmit heartworm to your pets. Let us protect your family and pets like we protect ours. We have a Thick Green and Healthy specialist waiting to get on your property. Call now!

Mosquito Prevention

Seal all water deposits and fix water leaks. It’s best to clean pools
and ponds  as well as rain gutters as often as possible. If your missing screens on doors and windows get those fixed or replaced. You need to make sure there is no standing water in buckets, tires, or flower pots. If you have a bird bath clean it weekly and keep your grass short. When you have our mosquito control program and use these preventive measures you can enjoy the outdoors. Call now to schedule your 1st app.

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