Tree & Shrub Program

take care of your trees and shrubs during all seasons of the year

Our Tree & Shrub Program

Our tree and shrub program is designed to take care of your trees and shrubs throughout the whole year. Spring and fall we feed the trees and shrubs to promote growth, health, and blooms. These two seasons are the best time to push out new tissue and encourage more blooms keeping the landscape full of color.

Summer months insect and disease problems are at their peak. The chewing and sucking insects are causing the most damage and stressin out the trees and shrubs . The summer months are when we spray for insects and disease so we can control these problems.We need to protect all the growth and blooms we promoted with the feeding we did in spring and fall.

In the winter months we apply a dormant oil that will suffocate insect eggs and larva as well as adult stage insects. The benefit to dormant oil is when spring hits you don’t have a bunch of eggs hatching and larva tearing up your landscape.

keep your trees and shrubs healthy in order for them to grow properly


Trees and shrubs are working super hard in the spring and fall to promote growth, health, and blooms. During these seasons they use a lot of energy and nutrients. Spring and fall are the seasons they benefit the most from fertilization. Your soil loses the nutrients over time and needs to be replaced so the trees and shrubs stay healthy and blooming. We will have one of our tree and shrub specialists feed your trees and shrubs so your landscape will be full of color and blooms. We’re ready to get to your property and start this process. Call now!

Chewing Insect Problems

Chewing insects are the insects that leave holes in your leaves. In severe cases chewing insects like  caterpillars, leaf miners, sawflies, beetles, webworms and other larvae can strip your tree leaves overnight. Its very important to control this problem and start with prevention before these problems occur. Get started with our annual program and have beautiful trees and shrubs thought out the whole year.

get rid of insect problems in your lawn
insects in trees and shrubs

Sucking Insect Problems

These insects suck or have sucking mouth parts that feed on the sap and plant cells in the leaves of trees and shrubs. Some sucking insects are aphids, mealybugs, white fly’s, leafhoppers and soft scale. Sucking insects have been known to be the most destructive pests on landscapes. Our annual shrub program will get rid and prevent these horrible insect from feeding on you landscape. 

Leaf Spot Fungus

Just like grass, trees and shrubs get fungus. Some of the most affected trees and shrubs are Indian Hawthorns, Red Tip Photinias, Cleyera, Crape Myrtles, Oak trees, Loro Pendulums and many many more. Fungus will affect the look, blooms, and make leaves fall off prematurely leaving a bunch of sticks. The fungus spores can survive the winter and affect the trees and shrubs year after year. It’s very important to treat any tree or shrub on your property that has a fungus problem. Our specialists are trained to spot these problems and shut them down. Our annual program is designed to treat and prevent these problems before they occur so you can have a beautiful landscape that’s healthy with a lot of blooms.

tread tree and leaf spot fungus

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